Hey everyone this is introduction


Let me intorduce you to SA

SCHIZOPHRENIC ALICE is a “brand” name, not nickname actually. I make handmade things as sewed or re-sewed clothes, accessories, postcards etc.
I am not professional of any kind (as you can see). Most of the things I learned by myself.
SA was supposed to be a name of a “brand” but in years my preferences changed a lot from sewing/making things to illustration and little crafting.

I believe in given talent and also hard work. I have no given talent sad to say but I try to do things with passion.

Concept of SA used to be based on -bittersweet- principle. The pink-black combination mostly. Bitter-sweet, ugly-cute, scary-nice…

Reality is very different for each of us. It’s not necessary to say we “run” away from reality hiding in fantasies… In the end we are all mad here.

So welcome to my Wonderland.






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